The Paranormal

There are many things in this world we do not understand. What do people see when they are alone in the dark? Are there really monsters or just our own shadows?

If someone sees something he or she cannot explain, they may feel alone or crazy. But what happens when thousands of people from all around the world see the same thing? What is bigfoot? Is there really a chupacabra? Does the apprearance of Mothman fortell tragedies? What about the Beast of Bray Road, or The Jersey Devil? So many people have claimed to have crossed these creatures paths, its hard to deny that they may exist. Some people have shown photographs and video evidence, others claim to have been face to face with these creatures. Many times animals have been found that were thought to be extinct or made up. Could the same be true for many of the creatures we hear about? Read the stories in the following pages to find out more...