The Paranormal

The idea of paranormal activity frightens many people. It can come in different varieties, from non-threatening hauntings, to poltergeists and demons.

Sometimes a place will become haunted because a person who has died was attached to that area while they were alive. When someone else occupies this place, the spirit can share its space in peace. Other times, the spirit will become distressed and cause trouble for the living. There have been many cases of poltergeists, spectres, and demons. These are spirits that can cause trouble. A poltergeist can move objects, make noises, and play tricks on the living. Spectres are ghosts that have been brought upon by, or given dark magic. These ghosts can cause people physical harm. Demons can be found in many religions around the world, and are generally considered evil spirits.

Sometimes ghosts can appear in photographs. They can look like disembodied people, orbs, strings of light, or mist. Read on to see what other people have found...